We designed our goat supplements with the needs of small ruminants in mind. Your herd gets all the protein and minerals they need to be healthy.

Protein Supplements

Special Sheep and Goat BlockAll-natural protein block formulated for the needs of sheep and goats. No added Copper. Contains 50,000 units of Vitamin A and 10,000 units of Vitamin D3 per lb. View/Hide Product Image

Special Sheep and Goat Block

Goat Builder 20% Designed especially for the meat goat herd, Ragland® Goat Builder contains targeted levels of Vitamins A and D, as well as Vitamin E, which is important for reproduction. Fortified with Copper, Manganese, Zinc and other important trace minerals, this block enhances growth and reproduction in herds. Ammonium chloride is added to reduce the incidence of urinary calculi. Do not feed to sheep. View/Hide Product Image

20% All Stock Block All natural protein, recommended to supplement protein on farms where mixed species graze together. Extruded block process provides blocks that are weather resistant and palatable.

Goat Builder 20%Goat Builder 20%

Special Lix® Tubs

16% Goat SupplementAn excellent all-natural supplement to pasture and hay. Allows goats to make the most of lower quality roughage. Contains a healthy mix of vitamins and trace minerals. Convenient 125 pound tub. Do not feed to sheep. View/Hide Product Image

16% Goat Supplement

I have been breeding and feeding meat goats for approximately 4 years, always in search of an economical way to keep my does in good shape while on native grass pasture in the summer and native grass hay in the winter. The Ragland® 20% Goat Builder Blocks have ended the search. I am very pleased with the results I have experienced as a result of feeding the Ragland® 20% Goat Builder Blocks and have recommended them to other goat breeders in the area. Thanks Ragland®!-Jim D. Matt, Rocking M Ranch Show GoatsNorman, Oklahoma


All-Stock 4% Mineral, Bag and BlockA supplement for all types of livestock. Contains no added Copper. All-Stock is a complete mineral supplement, so extra salt is not needed or recommended. View/Hide Product Image

All Stock 4% Phosphorus Mineral

Preferred Mineral for Sheep and Goats, Bag and BlockThis mineral, formulated especially for sheep and goats, contains added Selenium, Zinc and other trace minerals. Provides the vitamin levels sheep need, including 160,000 units of Vitamin A, 40,000 units of Vitamin D3 and 150 units of Vitamin E. Minimum 6% Phosphorus and 9-10% Calcium. Contains no added Copper. View/Hide Product Image

Preferred Mineral for Sheep and Goats, Bag

Goat Builder Mineral – BagAn excellent choice for the goat breeder. Contains 20% Phosphorus and excellent levels of Magnesium, Copper, Zinc, trace mineerals and Vitamins A,D and E.Redhead Goat Mineral BlockFormulated with the meat goat breeder in mind, our Redhead Goat Mineral Block meets your herd’s requirements for supplemental phosphorus and trace minerals and offers proper levels of Vitamins A, D3 and E. Feed free choice on the ground, no feeders required.

Specialty Products

Doe and Ewe 3-Way Sweet BlockProvides a balanced source of vitamins and minerals in block form. High sugar content for energy and palatability. Recommended when livestock need a boost, especially during pregnancy and lactation. Veterinarian recommended to help prevent pregnancy toxemia. View/Hide Product Image

3-Way Sweet Block

Headstart SupplementFormulated to help all young animals reach maximum genetic potential with quick and proper growth. Includes recommended feeding directions for most species of domestic animals. Contains all-natural ingredients in an easily fed pellet form. Also recommended for mature animals during periods of stress, milk production, breeding or weaning. (Mix with ration or top-dress.) View/Hide Product Image

Headstart Supplement

We are the founders of the international Kiko Goat Association, headquartered in Bluff City, TN. We saw superb results with (Ragland®) products and would like to continue using them on our farm and recommend them to our customers.– Mike Spencer, Tennessee Goat Producers, TreasurerBluff City, Tennessee