About Us

Determined to Help You Build a Better Herd

Since 1941, Ragland Mills has concentrated on producing the most durable, palatable, farm-tested supplements in the industry.

Based in Neosho, Missouri, Ragland Mills has grown from a small company serving southwest Missouri to a company recognized nationwide as a major supplement supplier.

Our reputation stands on our commitment to provide quality blocks, bagged products and poured tubs to help you build a stronger, healthier, more profitable herd. We understand the importance of regulation and compliance requirements in our industry, and have proven that Ragland minerals and supplements exceed expectations in quality and cost-effectiveness.

Ragland Mills is not a feed company with supplement products on the side; we are a supplement company devoted to producing extensively researched, farm-tested and proven minerals and protein supplements. Ragland is your partner year round, offering the nutrient-rich products necessary to build a strong herd and strong profits.

Ragland also specializes in:

  • Protein blocks to help game through tough seasons
  • Fly blocks to meet a variety of herd management styles
  • Medicated supplements for struggling cattle
  • Products to give young animals a healthy start
  • Poured protein supplements that are economical and convenient

Check out the full Ragland Mills’ product line. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us, today.