We offer supplements specially designed to suit the delicate equine digestive system. Our protein blocks for horses are extruded using a system of steam heat and pressure. The extrusion process creates blocks that while durable, are more digestible than pressed blocks. This means you get peak performance with decreased risk of colic. We also offer quality mineral products and fly blocks for horses.



Supplements only work when they’re consumed and digested. That’s why Ragland products include our exclusive RainGard formula for sustained moisture resistance and palatability. This nutritious additive protects minerals from becoming hardened by rain by forming a thin protective micro-crust, which is easily broken up and consumed by livestock. RainGard moisture barrier contains no petrolatum.

Protein Supplements

16% High Performance Horse Block

An excellent source of all-natural protein, fortified with vitamins and minerals necessary to supplement the diet of horses on pasture. Very palatable block.

20% All Stock Block

All natural protein, recommended to supplement protein on farms where mixed species graze together. Extruded block process provides blocks that are weather resistant and palatable.

Winners Circle 23% Horse Block

All natural protein to balance hay or pasture. This extruded block is weather resistant (may be fed in bunks or on the ground) and very palatable.

Protein Supplement Tubs

Cash Cow® 16% Forage Supplement with Natural Protein

A cost-effective choice for cattle and horses, available in 125 and 200 lb tubs.

Cash Cow® 20% Supplement with Natural Protein

Recommended levels of vitamins and minerals in convenient 125 or 200 lb. tubs. For cattle and all classes of horses.


4% Phosphorus All-Purpose Mineral, Bag

Vitamin fortified mineral supplement. Very palatable. Extra salt not recommended.

All-Stock 4% Mineral, Bag and Block

A supplement for all types of livestock. Contains no added Copper. All-Stock is a complete mineral supplement, so extra salt is not needed or recommended.

4% Tasty-Lick Mineral Block

4% Phosphorus; an economical mineal with biologically available phosphorus and other valuable minerals. No added copper.

6% Phosphorus All Purpose Mineral, Bag and Block

Mineral supplement providing trace minerals, salt and vitamins. Very palatable.

High Performance Horse Mineral Bag

A premium source of vitamins and minerals in a palatable formula. Available in 25 pound blocks and bags.

8% All-Purpose Mineral, Bag and Block

Good source of vitamins and minerals. Contains not less than 8% high quality Phosphorus. Calcium-to-Phosphorus ratio is 2:1. Taste appeals to livestock.

Breeder Max 8% Phosphorus Mineral

Designed to keep your breeding stock in top condition. Calcium to Phosphorus ration encourages proper cycling, high conception rates and strong milk production. The trace mineral package is ideal for beef cattle, lactating and non-lactating dairy cattle and horses on pasture.

10% All-Purpose Mineral, Bag and Block

Excellent mineral supplement fortified with vitamins and trace minerals. A good source of digestible Phosphorus. Calcium-to-Phosphorus ratio is 1.5:1.

12% Hy-Phos Mineral With 15 ppm Selenium, Bag and Block

Superior mineral supplement fortified with extra vitamins and high levels of trace minerals. Excellent source of biologically available Phosphorus. Calcium-to-Phosphorus ratio is 1:1. Taste ensures consumption. Helps improve reproduction and builds strong, sturdy frames.

Elite 12% Phosphorus Mineral, Bag and Block

An outstanding supplement. Contains 200,000 units of Vitamin A, 50,000 units of Vitamin D3 and 25 units of Vitamin E per lb.

15% Phosphorus All-Purpose Mineral, Bag

A high quality mineral formula fortified with trace minerals and extra vitamins. Contains 1:1 Calcium-to-Phosphorus ratio. Very palatable. Aids in reproduction and helps build strong, sturdy frames.

Trace Mineral Salt Block

Place near water supply or loafing areas to provide livestock with salt, vitamins and trace minerals. Do not feed to sheep.

Fly Control & Medication

Ragland® Block ‘Em with ClariFly®

Prevents the reproduction of flies in the manure of cattle and horses. Formulated for palatability and available in a convenient extruded block.

Fly Block with Rabon

Ragland’s® Fly Block with Rabon is highly palatable and approved for beef cattle, lactating and non-lactating dairy cattle as well as horses. Can be fed free choice to horses and cattle on pasture. When introducing new product to horses, monitor consumption for several days to avoid over consumption.

Specialty Products

Headstart Supplement

Formulated to help all young animals reach maximum genetic potential with quick and proper growth. Includes recommended feeding directions for most species of domestic animals. Contains all-natural ingredients in an easily fed pellet form. Also recommended for mature animals during periods of stress, milk production, breeding or weaning. (Mix with ration or top-dress.)